Glitch Gif VJ
Glitch Gif VJ

Version 2

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Introducing our mind-bending software, a digital trip that enables you to craft hallucinatory visuals and sonic wonders that shatter the ordinary world. With real-time sorcery and razor-sharp skill, intertwine the chaos of visual elements to assemble vivid images that narrate your twisted tale with ferocity and zeal.
Media compatibility

Our software embraces the madness of GIFs, images, and videos, empowering you to rapidly generate multimedia content that grips your audience in bizarre and unexpected ways.

FX CPU and Shader stack

The FX CPU and shader stack unleash a whirlwind of cutting-edge visual effects, letting you infuse your gonzo touch into your digital frenzy.

JS 2D/WEBGL canvas, P5 js, and HTML5 plugins

Additionally, our JS 2D/WEBGL canvas, P5 js, and HTML5 plugins offer the adaptability to mutate your projects, making them a genuine extension of your warped creative mind.

Audio support and reactivity

For the musicians, our software delivers exceptional audio support and reactivity features. Sync your visuals to your music, creating a mesmerizing experience for your audience.

Advanced features for Vjing Production
and Performance