Your coding companion
for GGV 2.

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  GGV2 IDE is a minimalist code editor designed specifically for crafting unique FX and Synths for GGV2.
  It natively supports JavaScript, p5.js, and GLSL, offering users a platform to seamlessly integrate their custom creations with the GGV2 VJ software.
  Whether you're a novice coder or an experienced programmer, GGV2 IDE simplifies and streamlines the creation process, helping you bring your ideas to life.
Create your own audio and video effects, as well as synthesizers, and seamlessly integrate them with GGV 2.
You have the ability to easily create audio and video effects, as well as synthesizers, enabling you to seamlessly transition between projects while importing audio, video, or images for limitless experimentation.
After achieving the desired results, you have the option to export your plugin into .ggv format.
We have also incorporated an option for an AI to assist you in coding your plugins.
Based on OpenAi API, the AI will generate code for you based on your input.
Just enter your API key in the settings then hit the GPT button and watch the magic unfold as the code writes itself.